Training And Personal Development

Ravenwood Health believes in the professional development of each employee. We are dedicated to developing the competency of each employee through a combination of work experience, supervision, and training. Competent, well-trained staff result in high-quality services for our clients. Ravenwood Health values employee longevity and promotes career development with all staff.

Clinical Supervision

Ravenwood Health believes that regular, administrative and clinical supervision is crucial in developing and growing skilled and competent staff at all levels of the organization.

For clinical employees, the degree of clinical supervision one receives will be based on his or her license requirements.  Training, education, and experience are all available for each staff and is tailored to their job and skill level. Ravenwood Health prides in offering an array of specialized professional that can offer specific training for staff in a variety of areas such as Trauma informed care, Motivational interviewing, Art Therapy, Crisis de-escalation, and recovery treatment services.

Continuing Education and Training

Ravenwood Health supports the ongoing development of our employees and offers a wide range of training and continuing education opportunities (CEU’S).  Many of our programs follow evidence-based practices. Several professional training opportunities are available throughout the year and may count towards continuing education credits at no charge to the employee. Most employs find they can meet their licensing requirements for their board if they attend the available tracings. Training including Trauma and Loss, motivational interviewing, etc.

Community Training

Ravenwood Health also offers training opportunities to our local community. Our organization provides Training Certified Trauma Practitioners. TLC is a program of Starr Commonwealth/Starr Global Learning Network. There are over 6,000 Certified Trauma Specialists across the country.   Currently, Ravenwood Health has TLC Certified Department Trainers that are qualified to train the staff in his/her agency or organization in the use of TLC SITCAP® programs and resources and assist them in getting their certification in the program.   Currently, Ravenwood Health has over 20 Certified Trauma Practitioners.

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