Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)

Medication Assisted Treatment, also known as “MAT” is the integration of active therapy with managed medications to stabilize and sustain remission from opioid and alcohol use disorders.

Ravenwood Medication Assisted Treatment Program

Our MAT program uses empathetic Person-centered treatment to meet each person where they are and develop a treatment plan that best matches their physical and emotional needs. We employ a wide range of experienced practitioners that view substance use as a component of someone’s life while not neglecting all others.

Utilizing the distinct advantages of being a part of a community mental health agency, the Ravenwood MAT program also specializes in personal development and trauma-informed treatment. Once remission has stabilized, clients and their treatment team collaborate for the cessation of medication and aftercare.

What are the benefits of MAT and is it evidence-based?

MAT is an evidence-based treatment modality that has been shown in hundreds of studies to dramatically increase the remission rates of opioid and alcohol use disorders. The Ravenwood MAT program has demonstrated for years a statistically significant impact on individual personal development, which for our program and clients has been shown to be the major predictor of continued sobriety and recovery long-term.

Who is MAT for?

MAT is for adults who have current, or a history of, opioids and/or alcohol use. Adults with current or historic opioids or alcohol use may be eligible for this treatment. Grant and subsidy funding may be available for those that qualify.

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