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Vote Yes on Issue 22

As an advocate of mental health and addiction recovery, we urge YOU to VOTE YES on ISSUE #22 in Geauga County.

This is NOT a NEW TAX. If passed it will represent fifteen years without an increase.

Through the levy, the Geauga County Board of Mental Health and Recovery Services funds life-changing programs by way of partner organizations like Ravenwood Health. Our COPELINE is widely used 24/7/365. Our Medication Assisted Treatment program has grown exponentially to treat those addicted to opiates. Same-day emergency support is available—and critical—in recovery from mental illness.

Please strongly consider VOTING YES on ISSUE #22.



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21st Annual Art Show & Reception at Ravenwood Health


Thank you to the Donofrio Family! The First Annual Anthony Donofrio Memorial Golf Outing was a success!

2019 Crisis Intervention Training